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Shellfish is an extension for Safari and Chrome that removes all sorts of “share this page” links and buttons. There’s no need to share, be shellfish!


Shellfish currently blocks sharing buttons from

and many others, as well as other custom buttons seen around the web.

To see a sample of the types of buttons Shellfish hides, see our example page.

If you only want to block Facebook buttons, we recommend you use the Facebook Blocker (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) or Defacer (Safari) extension. Both are fine pieces of work.

Please note: we made the decision to block buttons or icons like “post this to Twitter”, but we do not block “follow us on Twitter or Facebook” type buttons.

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated, we are @shellfish_app.


Install for Safari

Install for Chrome

Install for Opera version 11 only, pending approval from Opera


We plan on releasing new versions with more features over time, make sure you are checking for updates.


As you might imagine, there are lots of different varieties of these sharing buttons, so it’s hard to catch them all. If we’ve missed one, or if you have other problems, let us know about it here or over on Twitter (@shellfish_app).